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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  February 27, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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stoiz geek one and all. dave ross with you for another rousing edition of geico sports extra. what a show we have in store for you. we have skins head coach mike shanahan. down south for alittle spring fling with the nationals. but we begin with what else? hoops galore and begin with a barn burner in blacksburg, virginia. today was supposed to be a 4:00 p.m. tip but a water main break backed that up to 7:00 p.m. and for this instant classic to quote tom petty, the waiting truly is the hardest part. final seconds of the first half and tech going to save it and that's a mistake. off the miss from eric green, malcolm delaney not missing that one hand thr down and
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hokies led by six at the break. second half it's terps are down by eight. watch this desns. greivis vasquez is a three. not done. that's another three the next trip down the floor. wait a minute. there is more. that eight-point deficit is now one-point lead. a career high 41 for vasquez. final seconds. tied at 40. eric hayes not tied up any more. there is still five seconds to go. watch delaney, special behind the back. splits the defense and we ar going to overtime. tied at 82. in the first overtime it's vasquez fella again. another three. what a night for him but it was a eight second overtime to decide this one. in the second ot, the and the win? no sir. gathers the rebound and gary williams you exhale and hug eric hayes. get a big win, 104-100. and now the terrapins are 11-3 in the acc. today it's driving center for the georgetown hoyas. no ter main break for them.
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they had to play their scheduled game with notre dame as scheduled. but this one did not go as planned. and that was the problem. austin freman was under the weather. missed first ten plus minutes of this game and they needed him. he is the leading scorer. notre dame, that's a big time follow right there. and all of a sudden notre dame is getting a big lead and know who this guy is? that's ben hansbrough, brother of former unc start tyler. irish led by s many as 16. hoyas would rally up. mad scramble. thompson for three, hoyas down just four. but oh, no, greg monroe, you have to watch your back. here comes that hansbrough fella and there he goes. hoop and harm and the other way and minus their leading scorer, notre dame somehow stunned the homestanding hoyas, 78-64 and the head coach was not too happy about it. >> if i would have said today was disappointing that would be an understatement. it's extremely disappointing. you can't play from behind all
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the time. we have come from behind in several games and that's not necessarily the script we want to keep following. >> freeman was not himself today. he was sick. and they are a very different basketball team. after what we have been through i'm a firm believer in survival of the fittest in this cruel league. gw hostincharlotte. 49ers con the break and turn it over. tim johnson going heavy on the way to dwayne smith and only busted the game. and a dunk and the colonials up by nine. second half, gw's, will steal it and goes all balance and gets it to fall and the foul. gw holds off charlotte 75-70. how about george mason hosting northeastern. mason up by three. but oh, no, that's the long three by matt januarying and we were tied by 48 and crazy sequence to end this one. final sten seconds. mason tied. mike morrison followed and
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there is northeastern and don't foul allen but they do with less than second to go. can't believe it and allen will make two of three free throws and mason wins 50-48. patriots have lost four in a row. ouch. au, american, jeff jones. they were hosting lafayette. eagle playing final regular season game of the year. final seconds of the first half and daniel moneyious the freshman -- munoz will kick it out. can he beat the buzzer? you betcha. eagle up at the break. second half, and know nick's story he can play a mean piano and pass it inside. and the foul. and that's the big win for au. 78-60. they will hurt for the league. when we return, it's never too early to talk football. and london fletcher always talking. talking to his linebackers but the redskins going to play a different style of defense? we will tell you when we come back. wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes.
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it's delicious. delicious. i know. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i was expecting... expecting sawdust and cardboard? i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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sters welcome back to the show. right now the skins top brass, they are all in indianapolis for the nfl combine. mike shanahan hopes jason campbell and clinton portis to be part of the new offense. what about the "d"? thanks for asking. the skins that played a base defense last year that helped
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rookie collect 11 sacs and end him a trip to the pro bowl. this year with the new defender hazlett the team is expected to move to 3-4 defense but the head coach won't tip his hand, at least not yet. >> i think the principals are there. the team has one a 3-4 and caused problems for offenses and some are base four man front if you have the right front four history has proven it's as good as it gets. depends on your personnel. >> and tonight geico 15 minutes of fame takes us to florida. levon hernandez was signed to a minor league contract. may remember the 14 year vet threw out the first pitch in nat history. will try to crack the starting rotation. his possible return to the game earns tonight's 15 minutes of fame. now when we come back, i want to take you disney
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dancing. some 12-year-old soccer player in virginia can. their moves earn them a trip to south africa. an explanation is forthcoming. 
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so you want an all pences paid trip to jo hnsburg, south africa. the site of the world cup. for group of young soccer players they got there not by kicking but rather by dancing. >> the world cup. >> the world's premier international soccer showcase. this year south africa takes center stage. how did 14 girls from falls church, virginia get an all expenses paid trip to jo hnsburg. by disky dancing. by what? stacy king is the coach of 97
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fusion. a u-12 girls soccer team and when she saw the on-line contest, king began the task of figuring out what this disky dancing was all about. >> the contest was put out by south african tours and one of the things they wanted to make sure was that you encompass the culture of south africa along with soccer within the dance. >> and after a few months of practice it was 97's fusion video that won the coveted eight day trip to south africa. >> we had to learn it step by step and the process took five weeks and we had practiced every monday and wednesday. and we got it. >> this world cup trip for the youngsters is a once in a lifetime experience. one that will include a safari, a trip to capetown and a chance to play against a top youth south africa team. >> it's amazing that like other cultures play the same game and we will be able to play them. >> i heard talk about food which we are excited to eat the south african food and we are excited to go places that we
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never been before. >> each girl will have a chaperone for the memorable journey and as the trip nears next month. the adults are just as fired up as the kids. >> sometimes i think they are more excited than we are. >> who is going to be your chamren? >> my mom. she is really excited. >> all of this was made possible because of on-line creativity combining soccer with dance. >> i gotta tell you the girls are amazing. skyed them can you do the dance right now? on the spot they did it. thank you. dave is in tomorrow night. have a great night, everybody.


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